DON BUILDING CHEMICALS INDIA PVT. LTD. has comprehensive range of products i.e. Plasticizer for concrete & mortar (selected organic polymer based), waterproofing (Acrylic, Co-polymer & selected organic polymer based), Grouts (polymer and resin), industrial floorings products (Polymer, resin & P.U. based), Protective coating (Polymer, resin & P.U based) to meet the requirements of civil, buildings and construction industries. DON BUILDING CHEMICALS INDIA PVT. LTD. deals with over 100 Building Chemicals Products. These products are manufactured in their well-equipped factory.. This plant is complete with in house R&D laboratory for concrete testing and quality control. Concrete admixtures, Waterproofing products and system, Polymer bonding agent for repair and maintenance, waterproof tile adhesive, Waterproofing slurries for Waterproofing by crystallization, Non-shrinkage and Injection grouts, Concrete curing compounds and Surface retarders. They are shortly introducing a wide range of epoxies for construction.

Philosophy of the Company

The strength of the company is the quality and reliability. Free technical services is provided by the company to solve recurring constructional problems also detailed technical specification and proposal are submitted free of charge. To apply these special products the company has also trained specialized contracts to undertake the jobs under proper supervision and care of qualified Civil Engineers. The philosophy of on site : on time delivery is religiously adhered to international quality, free technical services. The philosophy of the company is geared towards maximizing customer’s benefits. One of the major highlights is that the company provides monthly in plant training to agents. Engineers and major customer. The openness of technology and production has developed customers. It has also helped remove myths in the field of Waterproofing.

Quality Assurance System

It is common practice in the field of Waterproofing to ask for guarantees and equally common for the contractors to grant the same but this concept has proved to be unsatisfied to the home owners. According to Mrs. Joolee Tripathi (Managing Director) a better approach would be to have a Quality Assurance System for waterproofing in the interest of both the owner as well as the contractor. The system should envelope the professional expertise of the contractor to assess and diagnose the damage, experience to the generate the specification and evolve the suitable system use tested materials in the system and applications to be carried out by skilled craftsmen knowing how to apply the material of new- know how and final testing of the system as required by the clients.

  1. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves authorized association with MC Bauchemic with is an leading manufacturers of a wide range of Building Chemical Products.
  2. These Proucts are manufactured by our associaes MC- Bauchemie, Germany, utilizing their State-of Art Technology and Quality Assurance System. We are also an accredited ISO 9001-2000 Company.
  3. MC-Bauchemie, Germany is experts in the technology of Injections for water stoppage in civil Engineering Structures, They have experience of over 25 years all over the world. We have German trained applications having IRP certification, Trained in Germany for injection system, materials and machineries. The execution of projects is under guidance of German technicialns for a perfect Quality Assurance System.
  4. Our strenght not only in supply of products at righ time but we provide fee taechnical service through trained Engineers. In addition, we associate with you and diagnose the cause of any constructional or waterproofing problems and provide you with specifications and complete system. Proof. M.S. Shetty, Author of the book on concret Technolgy is associated with us as the Principal Technical Advisor and he can provide full technical servixes in the field of Concrete Mix Designs.
  5. As we specialize in waterproofing grouting anti carbonation coating floor coating injection grouting for arresting major and minor water ingress and protection for building darms tunneling and all types of water retaining strucutre and supply of all types of construction chemicals.